Cast Off Celebration

January 13, 2017 in Beach, Crew, Injuries - 1 Comment

After six weeks of avoiding some of Crew’s favorite things; pools, beaches, excessive handwashing and impromptu baths (without the use of Press’n Seal wrap), it was finally time to ditch the cast. We headed straight to the ocean to celebrate. We no longer had to worry about sand or water getting…

October Pier Walk

January 11, 2017 in Beach, Injuries, Nash Relaxes - No Comments

When Crew broke his arm, the swim lessons that he was finally thriving in and trips to the pool and beach came to an abrupt halt. He asked us every single day if we could go to the pool. When we told him “No,” he’d ask, “Can we go to…


January 2, 2017 in Crew, Injuries - No Comments

My big plans to get caught up on documenting life since September didn’t exactly pan out before the end of the 2016. So here’s to January. And here’s to rewinding several months to fill in the gaps. A few days after Crew broke his arm, we went to the orthopedic…


December 8, 2016 in Crew, Hospital, Injuries, iphoneography - 1 Comment

We weren’t on our end of summer birthday high for long before reality hit. Crew started eliminating his nap over the summer but fell asleep often enough that I put him down most afternoons. He still slept in a crib. I figured the only way he might doze off was…

Look Who’s Walking

June 16, 2014 in Crew, Injuries, Troy - 2 Comments

We officially have two walkers in our family. The race was on to see who would walk first, and it ended up being a tie. Both Troy and Crew took their first steps, crutch-less and furniture-less, within a few days of each other. Troy has some pretty intense hardware in…

Pokes and Shiners

December 4, 2010 in Hospital, Injuries, Surgery - 4 Comments

Speaking of worries, Nash’s heart issues were brought back to the surface after a few months of rest. We spent a downright awful day at the hospital for him to have another sedated echo. They had a really hard time getting an IV started in him, and after four painful…

Hospital Take Two

September 18, 2010 in Blake, Hospital, Injuries - 4 Comments

We became well acquainted with the children’s hospital this week. A couple of days after Nash’s surgery, Blake cracked the back of his head open. He was standing on a truck in the family room and fell, gouging his scalp on the corner fireplace tile. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen…

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