Crew the Reindeer

Crew got to dress up like a reindeer for his kindergarten holiday production. Looking through these photos makes me laugh every time. The too-small shirt and the sock tail dragging down his pants. It’s all too good. Crew’s performance was quite entertaining as well. He made sure to pull some…

November Little Things

January 14, 2022 in Beach, iphoneography, Kindergarten - No Comments

We kicked off November with a trip to the orthodontist to trade in Halloween candy for cash. The boys were very excited about those crisp dollar bills. We couldn’t let a month pass without visiting our favorite place. We also couldn’t let a month pass without an inevitable sick kid….

Letter Fashion Show

February 23, 2021 in Elementary School, Kindergarten - No Comments

Crew was assigned the letter “L” for his Kindergarten Letter Fashion Show. We crafted a vest decorated with lots of things that start with the letter L. Licorice, ladder, ladybug, Lego, leaf, lighthouse and lemon. The kindergartners paraded one by one to show off their apparel for the parents. We…