Blake’s Creations

June 3, 2019 in Blake, Machines, Temples - No Comments

Blake has spent his free time building “machines” since he was little. Building creations out of cardboard has been his latest passion. He rigged up a pinball machine. I don’t think he’ll ever grow out of building with k’nex. He also built a 3D temple after going for the first…

New Method of Creativity

March 25, 2013 in Blake, Crafts, Machines, Preschool - 1 Comment

While we were in Hawaii, Blake developed a love for drawing and coloring and linking together sheet after sheet of completed artwork. Since his grandparents are only living there temporarily, they don’t have a big supply of toys. But I kind of loved that it forced Blake to be more…


February 10, 2012 in Blake, Machines - 3 Comments

Blake is in a serious machine phase. Everything that he plays with gets turned upside down, stacked up, hooked together, and transformed into an intricate “machine.” Each day after quiet time, he struts down the stairs and explains to me the new combination of toys that he orchestrated into a machine….