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We met my friend Kristen and her family at Newport Beach over President’s Day weekend. Crew and Finn put claw shovels on their hands and crawled around on their hands and knees all day. They called themselves “clobsters,” which I guess is a combination of a crab and a lobster….


Newport Beach is our go to whenever we have company in town. My parents couldn’t think of any place they’d rather be than Southern California for my dad’s 60th birthday, so we spent a gorgeous Saturday at the end of September biking on the boardwalk, taking the ferry over to…

Fall According to my Phone

As if I didn’t already sufficiently cover our fall happenings, here are the remaining undocumented memories captured from my phone. I’ll start by going all the way back to Labor Day weekend. After Troy’s epic surprises on the Saturday of my birthday, we took it easy for the rest of…

No Naps and Newport

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Some days, you skip naps and spend the entire day by the sea. A week after our friends went home after the 4th of July weekend, they came right back for more. While half of their family took off for Alaska, the other half came to SoCal to go to…

January Long Weekend

February 11, 2016 in Beach, Newport - No Comments

We’re headed into a long weekend in February but before we enjoy no school, warm weather and our one year anniversary of arriving in California, I want to make sure to document our January long weekend. I love that we have a three day weekend smack dab in the middle…

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