Halloween Activities

The boys think that the best part of October is having reasons to dress up in their costumes multiple times. First up was Blake and Nash’s Halloween piano recital. Next was the kindergarten parade. Finn had a party in preschool. Back at the elementary school, they had “Fall Activity Day.”…


October 16, 2019 in Preschool - No Comments

Preschool SeaWorld field trip day is always a hit. Especially with shark guns. The guns didn’t last more than a day without breaking, thank you SeaWorld gift shop. At least we were amused by flamingos and dolphin shows. And you can’t beat that view of Mission Bay and the Pacific…

Preschool Graduation

October 14, 2019 in Crew, Preschool - No Comments

Crew enjoyed water day on his last day of preschool. I stayed to volunteer and helped at the sand art and necklace making stations. After an adorable musical program, the preschoolers were promised popsicles. Finn finagled his way into getting a popsicle too. We adored Crew’s preschool and teacher and…


The end of the school year is busier than December with all of the projects, parties and performances so I like to call it Maycember. Nash did a report on Albert Einstein. Blake had a strings performance. He carried that cello back and forth to school twice a week in…

The Beginning of the End

April 30, 2019 in Christmas, Preschool, Swim Team - No Comments

The weeks leading up to Christmas were filled with school parties, church parties, favorite things parties, a live nativity, dinners with friends and all of the typical pre-Christmas activities. The closer it got to Christmas, the more the germs started spreading. Crew almost missed his preschool performance and visit from…

Little Turkeys

I was scheduled to teach preschool co-op the week before Thanksgiving so naturally, we made turkey hats. Usually Crew is at school during Finn’s preschool but we switched the day that week so he got to join us too. Cutest little turkeys I ever did see.