Freezing Time

January 30, 2013 in Nash, Nashisms, Records, Videos - 3 Comments

A slight panic washed over me this week. I was listening to Nash happily singing every song he knows in the backseat with his own variations when it dawned on me. He will never be this age again. His smile will change. His cute lisp will subside. His voice will…


I have never been sentimental about “stuff.” All of those cute little scribblings and yarn necklaces my son brings home each week from Sunbeams go right in the trash (while he’s not looking). I condensed my entire array of childhood yearbooks, awards, programs, and memorabilia down to one box. If I…


September 28, 2010 in Priorities, Records - 2 Comments

I had an interesting discussion with a friend a few weeks ago. She asked me how in the world I keep up with this blog. I explained that, first of all, it has to do with my memory. I feel like I must have a photo of things to really…