Fall Sports

November 3, 2018 in Soccer, Sports, Swim Team, Swimming - No Comments

September and October are our hottest months, so the pool was not a bad place to be. Troy and I had to divide and conquer for a few of Blake’s Saturday meets that conflicted with soccer games. Finn got to tagalong with me and he did not appreciate the early…

The Blue Sharks

Another soccer season has drawn to a close. We were thinking about taking a break from soccer this fall with the arrival of baby Finn, but the coach from last season really wanted to keep Blake’s team together. He was such a great coach that we couldn’t resist the invitation….

Spring Soccer

June 23, 2014 in Soccer, Sports - No Comments

Another soccer season has come to an end. Blake and his buddy Liam lucked out with a great team and a dedicated and knowledgable coach. The coach really makes all the difference. We’re so thankful for good coaches who sacrifice so much time. The only problem was the practices were…

The Silver Knights

October 7, 2013 in Fall Activities, Friends, Soccer, Sports - 1 Comment

Another soccer season has come and gone. Blake and the “Silver Knights” rocked it. The games ranged from hot to freezing cold to hot again over a four week period. Such is fall in the Rocky Mountains. Blake loved his turns as goalie. He played on the same team as…


October 15, 2012 in Blake, Soccer, Sports - 4 Comments

So, soccer. Let’s just say that we’re not sure Blake has an aggressive bone in his body. And his first game went something like this: The odds were not in his favor to begin with. He had a cold and didn’t sleep well the night before. He was told when…