Fresh Air

March 20, 2014 in Spring Activities - No Comments

It’s always a happy day in March when the weather is warm enough to get some fresh air. Blake can take his machine building outdoors… Nash can clomp around in his dad’s ski boots… And Crew is just there for the show.

Hippity Hop

Sometimes I forget about experiencing new things with my second child because my first child has been able to do them for so long. Last Easter, Nash wasn’t even walking yet. And now, he can run full speed. I wasn’t even thinking about how hunting for eggs would be a…


April 1, 2011 in Spring Activities - 2 Comments

Top five reasons why I’m smiling today: 1. Our house smells like windex and is squeaky clean. 2. I just crossed off the last item on my “projects” to do list that was started in January. 3. Except for the whir of the washing machine, the house is quiet because…

May Flowers

The month of May for me means planting flowers and creating graduation slideshows. I have spent every spare minute the last couple of weeks working on DVD slideshow presentations that I create yearly for the school that I used to teach at. The slideshows are shown at graduation and contain…


We went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point with Grandma Tanner. By the time I got both boys fed, bathed, dressed and out the door (it takes forever these days), and after going to the wrong location at first (having already unloaded both boys out of their carseats and…