Pumpkin Patch

January 7, 2022 in Pumpkin Patch, Traditions, Videos - No Comments

We had another successful trip to the pumpkin patch. Tractors, pumpkins, wheelbarrows, hay bales, corn maze, and petting zoo – what’s not to love? Crew set his heart on the largest pumpkin he could find. He couldn’t quite pick it up, so he settled on using the giant pumpkin as…

Fun Run

The Fun Run is always a highly anticipated event. The school revs the students up all week with cheers, class colors and fundraiser competitions. Crew was so excited to officially join the lineup after cheering his brothers on for so many years. Blake and Nash both ended up on the…

4th of July

January 23, 2020 in 4th of July, Friends, Traditions - No Comments

The 4th of July is always one of my favorite days of the year. The first few years we lived California, we included the beach in our celebrations. The last couple of years, however, we’ve dodged the beach crowds and stuck close to home. All of our small town celebrations…