The end of the school year is busier than December with all of the projects, parties and performances so I like to call it Maycember. Nash did a report on Albert Einstein. Blake had a strings performance. He carried that cello back and forth to school twice a week in…

Hey Mr DJ

Blake’s best friend has a pretty cool DJ business, and he asked Blake to help him DJ the 5th grade glow party. I got to help chaperone and I tried my best to stay out of their way. They had quite the list of song requests to manage. It took…

Pier Blooper

August 26, 2017 in Beach, Michigan, Vacations, Videos - No Comments

Getting four boys to cooperate simultaneously is not an easy task. I mostly capture candids for everyone’s sake, but occasionally I ask the boys to all line up and participate. I should know better than to have expectations, because there’s always at least one child that is less than cooperative….

Thrill of a Lifetime

One of the adventures we were most excited about in Krabi was going on the Emperor Swing. We discovered the highly recommended experience on Trip Advisor. It included a jungle trail hike, a zipline and ultimately the Emperor Swing. This is how the Emperor Swing was described: For most people who…